The Suffolk County Correction Officers Association strongly believes the decision of whether or not to take any vaccine is up to that individual, under the guidance of their Doctor. We stand against forced vaccination of our membership and will oppose any attempt to enforce a mandate. It is undeniable the spread of Covid-19 and variants poses a significant health risk to everyone; however, an employer can not be permitted to coerce employees with threats of discipline or termination.

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Stop Vaccination Mandates

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As a New York State resident and voter, I call on you to oppose all Covid-19 Vaccine mandates. This personal, medical decision to take a vaccine should be determined by each Individual and their Doctor, Spiritual or Religious advisor and Family Members, No one should be forced or mandated by our Elected Officials to be subjected to a Vaccination that may not be right for them. Legislation is needed to prevent vaccination status from being a condition of employment and to outlaw vaccine passports as a requirement to enter public venues. My future vote, along with my family's and friend's, will strongly depend on how you address these issues.

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